About Portal Design

About the designer

Joseph Levin, the new media designer that is the driving force behind Portal Design, uses his knowledge of computer technology and his experience to do his very best to provide outstanding service and value for his clients. That is what he believes he should do (and what they deserve) when he is engaged to work for them.

He works at competitive rates; he believes getting service that is high in quality should not have to come with a prohibitively expensive pricetag.

By all accounts, the websites Mr. Levin has created are excellently done, clever, eye catching and appealing. When people come to his website or see the work that he has done, they invariably come away pleased, impressed, in awe or in good humor. He loves what he does, has fun while doing it, and wishes to continue to do so for as long as he is able.

To all of you wonderful people that want to tell the world about yourself, your dreams, your business or just want to sell "widgets", Mr. Levin says that he will help you make that a reality.

A little history

Portal Design has "been around" in one form or another for what can be considered a long time in "computer years" (read: since approximately 1997). Mr. Levin has been around for even longer (read: since approximately 1970). From his early teens, personal computers of all sorts have fascinated Mr. Levin, and what began as a simple curiousity for- became a love of- and hunger for knowledge about computers, especially where computer games were concerned.

Inside the world of computer games was where it all started. Never being able to afford "cutting edge" equipment, Mr. Levin had to learn to use what equipment and software he had access-to in the best way possible, all in order to get "that awesome game" to work. Whether it was "Tetris", "Civilization", "Arkanoid" or the original "Doom", the as-then DOS-based IBM-PCs always needed some sort of tweaking to "get the app to run". In order to tweak, often it was necessary to cruise the embryonic internet via command-line FTP, or to search through BBSs to obtain even more software to accomplish very specific, seemingly impossible tasks. It was a frustrating process that took a lot of time and energy, yet still a process that sometimes would reap great dividends: often the knowledge gained through getting a game to work would be later applied toward more practical pursuits, such as Bulletin Board communications via 56k modem, hardware and software troubleshooting, and general technical support in the corporate world.

In 1997, an opportunity arose whereby Mr. Levin had the chance to create a well-received website using Microsoft Frontpage for the good folks at Synergy. Thereafter, Mr. Levin was hooked on web design. It took a few years, and a major change in the family situation, but Mr. Levin decided to dive deeply into as many aspects of web design that time allowed. The resulting web design firm, Portal Web Services, was born in 2003 and continues to provide excellent, personalized, value-adding service to an ever-expanding number of satisfied clients.

Why do it?

The answer is simple, and takes four parts:

  • Joseph Levin Warhol'd Web design involves many, many different technologies. The great variety of required technologies allow the opportunity for continued learning, with which to satisfy Mr. Levin's natural curiousity and love of computers.

  • People that need a website want to have their products, services, aspirations, goals, in-short, their "dreams", made known to everyone with an internet connection. Mr. Levin wants to help people to make their "dreams" come closer to becoming reality by being "Your Doorway to the Web."

  • Being the sole proprieter of a small web design firm allows Mr. Levin to make some extra money to supplement his family's income as well as to keep working in a field he loves.

  • It's fun and challenging. What more can one ask for?


Everybody is happy with the website. You did a great job. Thanks.1

I have enjoyed working with you and have really appreciated your quick help and expertise.2
Peter Schutz, Principal
UVClean, LLC
UVClean.LLC Website
(1-6/22/20, 2-6/23/20)
The relationship between a website designer and a programmer can sometimes be challenging: the designer pushing the esthetic with the programmer having to adhere to various development languages' strictures. I've worked with several programmers over my 30 year career and Joseph is one of the best. He understands esthetic is as important as functionally when it comes to development. He has always strived to not let one overshadow the other during the design and development process. I would recommended Joe, without hesitation, to anyone looking for someone with his skill set, level of experience and expertise.
Burns Brady, Chief Creative Officer, Brandocity
10th Anniversary & Still Going Strong. That's quite an accomplishment to be with the same media designer and technical genius for ten years. Writingkim and Between Friends websites began when I found a local website designer and technical support person through an Internet search. I had struggled through three failed attempts with other companies.

Not being the most tech [savvy], I needed to be able to converse with someone that can understand layman terms and turn it into media magic. I found Joseph Levin and Portal Design when I was at my wit's end and he was able to turn my garbled tech speak into two lovely websites. Along the way I added another website Novel Women for the book we wrote and, then, completely updated Between Friends Book Club website.

And the best thing about Joseph is he answers any questions you have within a few short hours. Alleluia!
Kim Harwanko
Thanks so, so, much for everything. You went above and beyond and it means a lot to me. I looked at the site "live" and feel I can proudly direct folks to the site and not make excuses anymore. It's clean, modern and way more informative than it has ever been, thanks to you!
David Terrana (Owner)
Thank you very much! Your technical skills are phenomenal and your professionalism is refreshing. I am humbled by your generous support, and I hope to grow our businesses together.
Jim Holt (Manager, Founder)
I really appreciate your help. You displayed great professionalism and vast skills and expertise.
Gualdo Hidalgo (Writer, Philosopher)
Joseph was very helpful. He added a lot to the creative process and was able to create something great quickly and efficiently.
Josh Friedman
I can't say enough about how great Joseph Levin is to work with. He is clearly a master of his craft. Two years ago I hired a company on the west coast (mistake) to build a website for my employer. It has been nothing but headaches since then. Enter Joseph. Joseph helped me sort through and solve the many problems I was having. His communication is prompt and clear, always. My only wish is that I had known of him when I started. Things would have been so much better! I look forward to working with Portal now and in the future. Thank you again!"
Becky Morgan
Joseph Levin and Portal Design are marvelous. Joseph's innate ability to render complex designs into a user-friendly format is amazing. And he's a pleasure to work with! What more could you ask for? But wait there's more - his fees are very reasonable. My blog not only looks good, but it works great!"
Kim Harwanko, Founder
You went above and beyond what I expected. You took an interesting conceptual idea, and gave it a pulse and personality it didn't have. It was a great pleasure to work with you. You were prompt and extremely professional. I also appreciated all the extra book tips and tremendous examples of great web work. I look forward to our next project. Thanks again."
Andrew Dalsass, Art Director
The creation of our website with Joe was one of true teamwork from start to finish. My business partner and I had never created a website before so this was our maiden voyage! What a pleasure it was to work with someone like Joe, who gave us both guidance and inspiration in every step along the way! His professional experience, insight into what "works" in the marketplace and suggestions on both visual and content components, made this whole experience a pleasure! In a time when few people in business deliver product on time and under budget, Joe Levin had anything we gave him up and on line [almost] faster than we could write it! The feedback on our website has included the word "awesome" consistently with everyone who has seen it. I can't recommend his services highly enough!"
Deb Leach, Owner
Hi there, I just wanted to say thanks for the tutorial on the atom and electrons. I'm beginning flash and I found it very well explained, keep up the good work. Regards, Nikos."
Nikos Katsikanis
Thanks, Joe for all the help, you were a life saver!"
Dr. Mary Stankovics, D.V.M, Owner
Pleasant Valley Veterinary Services, L.L.C.
(Data Backup Services)
As always I am very pleased with the way you completed our project. You are very creative and knowledgeable and [are] always looking to do the best job you can do while keeping our budget and goals in mind. I particularly appreciate the speed with which you get involved with our projects and your willingness to make changes and revisions. Thanks, looking forward to using you again, Gordon."
Gordon Rigby, Owner
Ortho Cast, Inc.
You are the coolest ever! I love it! I can't wait to get to work tomorrow and tell the head tech guy how to do it! Ha! Even the guy from the State Department couldn't do it! Ha! No one at work could get it to work.....Thank you so very very much! You're awesome!"
Christina Taylor, Teacher
Tazewell County Public Schools, Tazewell, VA
You are the best, man. It worked beautifully. Even though I published my main scene in Flash 8 to take advantage of the blending modes, the panorama was published in a Flash 7 script. This is so cool. No one in this house cares much about Flash so I hope you don't mind if I [say] cheers to my [knowledge of] you. ;-) Thanks for your help. The simple things are usually the best."
Sylvain Bellerose
Joseph, thanks. It is really strange this situation with the e-mails but thanks for resolving it. Otherwise... Every one who saw the web site thinks it is wonderful and the registration form will work just fine….Jennifer, who is in charge of this, loved the way you've set it up! Thank you very much for your help!"
Rositsa Abrasheva, Sexton
Hello Joe. I just wanted to comment on your site. I loved it. It's totally my style, what I would love to do with mine but don't have the skills to do."
Dan Mendoza
By the way I have had to ask several different people for help over the past few years on all the software I currently work on and I can honestly say that you have been, by far, the coolest and most helpful and generous of them all. I sincerely can't thank you enough for that alone. I truly do appreciate it. Thanks very much."
Gogi, Guitarist/Vocalist
Dear Enemy
Your prompt response was appreciated. Understanding what I wanted and doing it with my cost in mind is the main reason I keep coming back. Thank-you."
Raymond Lindblad, Owner
Great job as always. Fast service, you always go above & beyond what is required. Thanks again."
Gordon Rigby, Owner
Ortho Cast, Inc.
(Online Feedback System)
The church website is gorgeous. Great Job!"
Kenneth Wack, Member
High Bridge Reformed Church
(as originally designed)
Words can say so little when someone's done so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
High Bridge Reformed Church
High Bridge Reformed Church website
(as originally designed)
Joseph Levin has now contributed several of the best Flash tutorials. He is also very willing to personally answer any questions about his tutorials."

Links for Tutorials:
Single Frame Coding, Tsunami Menu, Animated Atom, Simple Graphic Equalizer, Blurring Movie Clips, Blurring Text, Scrolling Panorama, Animated Pentatom
Phillip Schulz, Operator
Thanks again for the great job making our shipping database system. I am trying to think up some more ideas of additional projects that we could use your help on. Thanks."
Gordon Rigby, Owner
You are extremely gifted in your computer skills and others should know that."
Mike Trudel
Work was done quickly, faster than I expected. Excellent quality. A quote from the programmer that built orthographics: ‘Wow, that looks great. Very professional." I am looking forward to working more with you in the future."
Gordon Rigby, Owner
After looking at [other web designers'] sites, they seem efficient and sterile. Yours on the other hand are entertainingly immersive. I am impressed with your work."
Greg, Member
Portal Web Services provided SYNERGY with an exceptional, tailored and cost-effective solution to our online business needs.  In today's business environment, where Web sites are essential and technology resources limited, the outsourcing to 'Portal Web Services' allowed us to free valuable resources and focus on growing our business.  For over 7 years, our website has performed reliability and 'Portal Web Services' has provided top-notch 24-hour customer support.  Overall, 'Portal Web Services' provided great value through a comprehensive solution that has been flexible and affordable.  We have peace of mind knowing that our Web site is working for us with features usually reserved for large enterprises and confidence that our site is expertly supported by a firm that is dedicated to the interests of small to medium sized businesses like our own."
Howard Levin, Principal
Mr. Levin's work far surpasses anything I could have hoped for!  His intuitiveness into getting at the best way to display and animate a site is uncanny.  He can easily take a concept from verbal, or written sources and meld it into a web site that makes you stand back and say 'Damn! How did he do that?'"
Patrick McKinney
JLM Wordprocessing
Thanks so much Joe for all your good advice and concrete help with our site. We are so glad to have met you and appreciated all your knowledge. We are going to implement all the changes tomorrow, as fast as we can, and will let you know how we are doing. Many thanks for all your help."
Krista Kaminsky and Gail Rosenberg, Owners
Dovetail Art and Design